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Fall test prep flyer
Fall test prep flyer

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Grades 1 - 12


Grades 1 - 12


Grades 1 - 12

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A message from Notabilia Education Centre

I believe that in order for students to benefit from tutoring effectively, the tutor, parent/guardian and student need to communicate, and I am committed to helping parents and students through this facilitation. To see this vision come to life in the past three decades has been nothing short of rewarding. It delights me to see our students achieve huge success with our tutors’ dedicated guidance. The Centre will continue to develop the best learning materials, approaches, and programs for students. Students are encouraged to make reference to the practical study guidelines that are found on this website, in the section dedicated to Notabilia students, along with other practical resources.

Yours Truly,

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Alice Leung

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Very professional and provides a strong foundation for learning with customized packages for the preparation of the SSAT. We got into our target school because of their help.
- Azadeh Hemani
Notabilia has helped my daughter a lot. The staff genuinely care about my daughter’s success and provide a quality program. Thank you!
- Mr. Wong, Parent
Very understanding and helpful teachers/staff!
- Amethyst Cheung
I sincerely appreciate the support Notabilia has given my child. The tutors are professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to their work. I have noticed an improvement in my child’s grades and confidence level.
- Mrs. Lin, Parent
Best teachers and services.
- Vincent Wong
Notabilia Education Center is a phenomenal place to learn and seek help for school work. They have incredible tutors that work hard to ensure that you are successful. They have great services and facilities. I 100% recommend students to seek help from Notabilia so they can get as much support in school work as they can.
- Arfan Rahman
Professional and very helpful!
- Owen
I have been searching for a centre that not only offered tutorial services, but also assured excellent achievement for my son. Not only did I find a centre which delivered both, but also went above and beyond in aiding my son for be admitted into the TOPS program. Notabilia provided a certified teacher with experience in entry level testing to work one on one, and make sure my son was prepared and confident. Notabilia is a qualified and enriched centre which I would recommend to all parents.
- Maria, Parent
Best Teachers, Best Service, Very Professional
- Mary Shabestari
I have seen a big improvement in my son’s academic work. I can safely say that this was due to the efforts of the tutors at Notabilia. Our tutor was reliable and communicated frequently with us about any matters.
- Mrs. Yang Yang, Parent
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